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The Evolution

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"The New Moon represents new beginnings and is an introspective time to name intentions and plant seeds for the future" -Aarona Ganesan. The Evolution is a potent journey through past experiences, to allow emotions, to take responsibility and to open new channels to align with sacred space, interconnectedness and personal vibration.
There are 12 intentions within the 12 month program to foster The Evolution within oneself.

Fluency : Adaptability and Acceptance
Boundaries : Conservation of energy and Protection
Forgiveness : Potent Medicine
Allowing : Emotions and Neutrality
Desires : Manifesting. You are the Weaver THIS MONTH
***Restoration : Self Care is Vital***THIS MONTH
Intuition : Deeper Listening and Trust
Resilience : Release and Renew
Gratitude : Reverence and Rewiring
Compassion : Resonance. Emit a higher Frequency
Oneness : Reflection and Divinity
Space : Innate Softness and Elegance

During the workshop your intentions will be amplified and you will leave with a ritual to incorporate daily as you transmute your past and evolve into the present.

Price :: 20$ / New Moon
            64$ / 4 New Moons