Erica Arsenault

Erica Arsenault has been practicing yoga for over a decade, rolling out her mat with clarity and delight. A 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher, combined with her Bachelor of Pre-Medicine and Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Radiological Technology, she has combined a yoga style that incorporates a Western connection of anatomy and alignment with an Eastern ease of philosophy and spirituality. She is currently enrolled in Kundalini Teacher Training to continue her evolution of understanding and to share the technology of energetic healing. 

Erica’s yoga flow integrates movement with the breath, building strength, creating health/longevity but with the goal of connecting to the baseline, inherent quiet. Her precise alignment and muscle activation has a meditative charm that allows for detachment from thought, to truly find that stillness that already resides within.

Erica is a wife, a mother of two, a business owner and a Lululemon Ambassador. She validates that the roles we play in life can sometimes be demanding and overwhelming; yet through the practice of yoga and meditation, one can synchronize with their Source energy, ensuring these roles do not define us as beings. Her goal is to share the practice as an exploration of self-sensory :: by living in the present, amplifying the capacity to listen well and honoring that we are all on the same journey.