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Pravaha Yoga combines Hatha, Vinyasa and Anusara philosophies, harmonizing the breath with movement alignment. This style of yoga promotes strength, flexibility, postural improvement and relaxation. Erica's philosophy is to practice physical movement and action while reconnecting with the breath and ultimately the innate; challenging the body at your own pace, understanding there is no competition or ego. Pra-vA-ha in sanskrit means flow. Life can be effortless and boundless if we learn to let go and accept what is as opposed to what should be. Erica's goal is to share this mindset both on and off the mat. All levels welcome.

16$ Drop-In; 70$ for 5 Classes; 120$ for 10 Classes; 200$ for 20 Classes;


The Clearing

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All of your conversations, your interactions and your experiences are being stored energetically within your physical body. How are you with yourself?

In this practice THE CLEARING, may you set the intention to FEEL the currency flowing through you. To call upon any current aggravation/stress you are managing and to FEEL the energy in motion, the vibration rippling into your peripheral of being. Trust that this technique of repetition and shaking is clearing the stored emotion from your fascia. To feel the charge, and to than feel the sweet release and the space created by consciously letting go of what you think you know. Move from your heads into your hearts. To align with neutrality, despite the circumstance.

The Clearing is a monthly offering that blends Pravaha Yoga, Kundalini techniques and inspiration from the lovely Taryn Toomy.

Exhale and Discharge. 

Event Style Class 20$



Second Sunday of each Month 7:00pm

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Using the aid of props, restorative yoga can reduce stress and restore health, achieving physical, mental and emotional relaxation. When stress becomes chronic a residue builds within the body that can lead to DIS-EASE in forms of high blood pressure, ulcers, back pain, immune dysfunction, reproductive problems and drepression. The antidote to stress is relaxation. Erica has designed a restorative flow to quiet the mental turbulence, enhance a healthy spine, reverse the effects of gravity and heighten the exchange of oxygen and waste products across the cell membrane. Through a Restorative yoga practice, one can recieve the benefits of yoga with least effort of muscular contraction. Erica offers private Restorative yoga sessions in-home.

Event Style Class 25$




In-Home & Corporate


Erica will design a 75 minute individual practice, ideal for your yoga level and lifestyle. The private can incorporate Pravaha flow encouraging strength and flexibilty, a Restorative floorbased practice to reduce stress and restore health, breaking down particular poses to perfect alignment, Meditation for nourishment and concious rest and/or the use of doTERRA essential oils for aroma and touch release. Erica can also draw the yoga sequence graphically using Asanaglyphs© to promote a home practice for the client. If we can learn to slow down and listen to our hearts with intention we can release toxic emotional energy, naturally shifting towards a life of simplicity, stillness and love.

80$ for 1-2 people; 100$ for 3 or more people (20$ charge may apply if  location is over 30km away)


The Evolution

Around the New Moon of Each Month 7:30pm

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"The New Moon represents new beginnings and is an introspective time to name intentions and plant seeds for the future" -Aarona Ganesan. The Evolution is a potent journey through past experiences, to allow emotions, to take responsibility and to open new channels to align with sacred space, interconnectedness and personal vibration. There are 12 intentions within the 12 month program to foster The Evolution within oneself.

Fluency : Adaptability and Acceptance
Boundaries : Conservation of energy and Protection
Forgiveness : Potent Medicine
Allowing : Emotions and Neutrality
Desires : Manifesting. You are the Weaver
Restoration : Self Care is Vital
Intuition : Deeper Listening and Trust
Resilience : Release and Renew
Gratitude : Reverence and Rewiring
Compassion : Resonance. Emit a higher Frequency
Oneness : Reflection and Divinity
Space : Innate Softness and Elegance

During the gathering your intentions will be amplified and you will leave with a ritual to incorporate daily as you transmute your past and evolve into the present.

Event Style Class 20$