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Pravaha Yoga combines Hatha, Vinyasa and Anusara philosophies, harmonizing the breath with movement alignment. This style of yoga promotes strength, flexibility, postural improvement and relaxation. Erica's philosophy is to practice physical movement and action while reconnecting with the breath and ultimately the innate; challenging the body at your own pace, understanding there is no competition or ego. Pra-vA-ha in sanskrit means flow. Life can be effortless and boundless if we learn to let go and accept what is as opposed to what should be. Erica's goal is to share this mindset both on and off the mat. All levels welcome.

16$ Drop-In; 70$ for 5 Classes; 120$ for 10 Classes; 200$ for 20 Classes;



First Saturday of each Month 9:30am


Music and sound affect our physical bodies as we are porous and made of more than 75% water. Sound frequency and its vibrational imprint can heal and recalibrate our soul; an emotional release occurs, orchestrating an energy of peace in an entirely active state. 

Erica has combined an aligned yogic practice with music that resonates deep. A moment on the mat of less talking while guiding, enabling you to pause and connect within your hearts beat. An opportunity for you to tune in to simply being; dwelling in your most highest, elegant self; allowing the sense of sound to soothe you, connecting with that space between breaths. 

Welcome yourself to something fresh :: “Peace is in your pulse” Gabrielle Bernstein

16$ Drop-In; 70$ for 5 Classes; 120$ for 10 Classes; 200$ for 20 Classes;


Kids Age 2-5

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Erica has designed a Kids yoga program for the ages of 2-5, blending the foundations of yoga through imaginative play, with the promise to increase parent-child bonding. The program blends movement, music, stories and singing to keep little attentions. Savasana is the perfect time to wind down and cuddle, engaging in a sensory massage with doTERRA essential oils. During the early years of life, trust and a solid emotional foundation are crucial. Kids yoga will help your child build confidence, sleep better, tantrum less, improve digestion, increase listening skills and patience, express themselves, improve gross and fine motor development and learn to self-relax. Erica creates a space of non-judgement, encouraging parents to come with an open mind and an open heart. Kids yoga does not force childen to perform, but encourages the childs true spirit to bloom whether the child can hold the pose, likes to run around silly or even just sit and watch. You will leave each class with a take-away tip on how to incorporate a playful yoga posture into your daily routine making life as a parent a little easier.




In-Home & Corporate


Erica will design a 75 minute individual practice, ideal for your yoga level and lifestyle. The private can incorporate Pravaha flow encouraging strength and flexibilty, a Restorative floorbased practice to reduce stress and restore health, breaking down particular poses to perfect alignment, Meditation for nourishment and concious rest and/or the use of doTERRA essential oils for aroma and touch release. Erica can also draw the yoga sequence graphically using Asanaglyphs© to promote a home practice for the client. If we can learn to slow down and listen to our hearts with intention we can release toxic emotional energy, naturally shifting towards a life of simplicity, stillness and love.

80$ for 1-2 people; 100$ for 3 or more people





Using the aid of props, restorative yoga can reduce stress and restore health, achieving physical, mental and emotional relaxation. When stress becomes chronic a residue builds within the body that can lead to DIS-EASE in forms of high blood pressure, ulcers, back pain, immune dysfunction, reproductive problems and drepression. The antidote to stress is relaxation. Erica has designed a restorative flow to quiet the mental turbulence, enhance a healthy spine, reverse the effects of gravity and heighten the exchange of oxygen and waste products across the cell membrane. Through a Restorative yoga practice, one can recieve the benefits of yoga with least effort of muscular contraction. Erica offers private Restorative yoga sessions in-home.

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